Valentine's Day is just around the corner and red heart shaped boxes are everywhere! I was in the gas station just the other day and there were large heart shaped chocolate boxes right by the cash register. I thought "What a good idea for convenience." There is sure to be someone who's getting a last minute gift and will pay the astronomical price of an enormous heart shaped box at a gas station!

Isn't that what people today want, convenience? I mean, who bakes a loaf of bread anymore? (Me.) People go to the store and buy a loaf. In fact, eating out has become so convenient that a good number of people almost never cook at home, resulting in homes being built for fashion instead of function.

Well, I'm kind of running away with the thought here but convenience means people are in a hurry; they want something quick. I thought it might be cool if I could get some of my little sugar cookie wax tarts in the hands of some of those quick grabbers. You know, stick a little note in with the cookie wax tarts saying who I am and where the little cookies come from.

I put them in one local convenience store and already people have been amazed with the scent. I suppose so much so that one guy opened the package and almost took a bite! The store clerk yells, "No, no! Don't eat it!" How funny is that? Well, sometimes I guess you can be so much in a hurry that you forget to look at what you're picking up.

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