We're winding down to the last two days of our Facebook giveaway. In case you haven't already heard, we're giving away a mystery box of candles to the winner. It won't be too much different from the ones I have in the Esty shop but, of course, free! If you haven't entered, you can go over to the Facebook page and enter.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a few pieces of bathroom decor to put on Etsy. It's kind of hard to think bakery in the bathroom but you'd be surprised at how nice a cinnamon bun can look in your bathroom and how great it can make your bathroom smell! So here's a glimpse at what I came up with. It's cinnamon bun wax dipped toilet paper with a cinnamon bun on top and this smells fabulous!

Scented Wax Dipped Toilet Paper Bathroom Frehener by EverythingDawn

Here's how it looks in my bathroom. I think the crocheted piece is a bit too long but I have a perfect lace doily that I was banging my head up against the wall to find and couldn't find it. Nevertheless, I loved this concept so much that I am now working on some scented decor items that are not bakery scented to add to my Home Accents Esty shop.

What do you think?

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