Gift giving can be challenging but one thing I know I want people to say when they've received a gift from me is that it's unique. Unique means that you won't ride down the street and see someone else with it. Unique is that specialness that says, "This is special. You're special to me." So I look for things that say...unique.

Here are a few beautiful treasuries that have been curated with lovely gifts for love season. Mind you that some are non traditional while others are very traditional with, maybe, a little spin. Nevertheless, you'll find some really nice pieces in these collections. Oh, and please, please, please, heart the ones you like. The more hearts these items get, the happier their curator and maker get (and yes, they can see that their items have been favorited). Views and clicks make everyone on Etsy happy!


Beautiful Blues From Casual to Elegant


Valentine's Day Gifts

Chocolate Covered Everything!

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