I'm working on some really exciting things in my candle kitchen today and boy is it smelling great! Some of the new candles I've listed in my shop are just a small example of what I want my shop to look like. So I've been brewing and stewing in here coming up with big ideas for new things to put up. Sometimes I can get so excited about these new things that I get overwhelmed so it's always good have my handy notebook near so I can jot down all of those creative things I come up with in my head.

Here's a jar candle that I'm doing right now. I was in the designing phase and the creation phase at the same time. In other words, I'm winged it (smile)! So here's the beginning of my creation.

It was starting to cool off a bit so the wax you see is thick on the top. I've already run into a little bit of an obstacle as my color here has come out a bit lighter than what I was initially looking hoping; however, below you can see it's the same color as my bottom that I'd poured into the jar just a bit earlier.
So now the creative part. I wanted to keep with my branded look, having to keep in mind that my one main goal is to make the candle look delicious enough to dig into yet I really didn't want it to look so plain that it's unappealing. For me, this was very complicated. I have a no doubt fragrance but the candle has to be a combination of delicious, elegant, and realistic! So this is what I came up with:

Cinnamon Doughnut Candle at www.EverythingDawn.com

Voila! It's not the best angle here to show the whipped topping but I really wanted you to see the doughnut. If you haven't guessed, it's a cinnamon doughnut candle and it smells fab! What do you think about how it came together?

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