Time certainly flies when you're having fun, and I've had 16 years of joy watching my little girl grow into a beautiful young lady. Sometimes I get sad when I think about how quickly she's grown up but there's so much to be thankful for. My daughter is a caring, helpful, sweet and sassy young lady who still lets me give her kisses and hugs and who shares her heart with me rather than want to have nothing to do with me.

For her birthday, she decided she wanted Greek cuisine but she wanted to make her birthday dinner herself! Well off my husband went to the store to come up with all of the trimmings for Court's birthday dinner. It almost didn't go so well when he came home with a spoiled leg of lamb. We opened the package and ew! So back to the store my husband (and the spoiled lamb) went.

My two oldest daughters worked in the kitchen and came up with this...

They came up with flat bread, a salad with feta, dates, and wonderful veggies, whole fish (and she had to have the head on), plenty of kalamata olives, grilled chicken and lamb, and a delicious cucumber sauce. The garnishes were parsley, tabbouleh, and garlic stuffed olives (because we just HAD to have them). They even had us eat on the floor. You can see the forks in the picture but Court made us all eat with our hands. It was a wonderful meal and a great experience for her birthday. I think the younger ones enjoyed it most of all. I was surprised that eating with their hands was not something that they really cared to do. They actually wanted a fork!  

After meal, my twelve year old managed the entire kitchen cleaning and did a fabulous job.

I'm so blessed to have had this 16 years with my Court. It warms my heart to see how much of a precious young lady she's turning into.

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