I'm still working on adding more designs and fragrances to the gourmet jar line. Today I've been working on a signature scent as well as a candle that I've been so excited about adding The trick for me was trying to figure out the overall look of this candle and how it would all come together.

Okay so I'm going to let in on my secret. The fragrance I've chosen for the next design is Rice Crispy Treats. I've come across very weak fragrances for this type. However, the one I've selected has all the sweetness of the marshmallows you'll find melted between those little rice crisps. Once you get past that you'll smell those notes of the rice crisps. I think it's a wonderful fragrance overall.

Since all of the candles in the gourmet line have a similar look among them, I thought it would be strange to change that with this one. This one; however, was a little challenging trying to incorporate all of the elements into the jar while making it look delicious and not over doing it. So this is what I've come up with.

Rice Crispy Treats Gourmet Candle Jar by www.EverythingDawn.com
I wanted to get the creaminess of the marshmallow in there and not cover up the character of the actual rice crispy treat bar. What do you think? I'm thinking I may add more fluff and raise the bar just a little but I think overall it is quite delicious looking. You get to see it first and soon I'll be adding this to the shop.

Your thoughts are always welcome.

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