It's been a busy week. Lots of orders for pantry cakes and primitive bread loaf tins have been coming in and I've had Christian very busy with all of the prep work. Yesterday afternoon I got my Dunkin Donuts coffee late and sat down at my computer only to find that the internet, that we've complained about for months now, is working even slower than it was before. What a time to slow down! So I sipped my coffee and thought I'd better find some yellow flowers to stare at (we are hooked on The Walking Dead series over here) or I'm going to become a crazy lady over here. The caffeine was moving fast and my internet couldn't keep up so I moved away from the computer and started putting together some cured candles that I promised I'd give to a kind reviewer.

Meanwhile, I'm moving some of my inventory on Facebook this week with a $5 sale that I thought I'd share here as well. Most of these are candles that I've either made to use as photo props or items that I just took off of the shelf to place newer (or different) items on it. I hate to visit a booth and see the same items on the booth every time I visit a shop so I try to alternate my products to keep the shelf fresh!

SO here is the list of the items that I currently have on Facebook for our $5 sale. Each of these items are $5 and can be purchased individually or separately. There are 20 items in total (shown in the pic) and payments can be made through PayPal or Amazon Payments, your preference.

Brownie Stack 8oz

2 B-day Cake tart melts 6oz

3 Sugar Cookie votives 6oz

3 Gingerbread Applesauce votives 6oz

3 Strawberry Fudge Sundaes 8oz

Cinnamon Buns tray 8oz

Pecan Pie Bar 8oz

Strawberry Shortcake jar 8oz

Buttercream mug 8oz

Pumpkin Creme Brulee 8oz

Applejack & Peel Crumbles 6oz

Rum Raisin Brick 16oz

Or PayPal below...


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