Saturday is the day I usually go around looking for interesting things that will inspire more creativity but I decided to mix it up a little and I made a few small things to put on our booth at the antique store.

About a week or so ago, one of the ladies at the antique store told me I'm catering to only one small segment of people, those who want "those candles that look like you could eat 'em." What she told me got me thinking. I make these candles, sell them, and make enough profit to pay for my booth with a little left over. What if I used that booth to sell some of my home accents too? Eureka!

So I started thinking about items that I could make that would be in the range of $15 and less (because people who visit antique shops are usually looking for antiques and not newly made items). I came up with a few things including these scented hot pads.

I did a little floral stenciling on the smaller two for a touch of spring and made the larger one for those large casserole dishes you always have to use two hot pads for.

Of course now I have hot pad addiction and I'm doing more. They were so easy to make and I've scented them in cinnamon vanilla and cinnamon clove scents so that yummy vanilla and apple pie scent will be released from the heat of the pot or hot dish placed on them. Who knows, maybe they'll do pretty well as an addition to the other things on the booth. We shall see!

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