I've been busy changing many things (for the better) in my shops. The new spring banner was something that I'd mulled over for awhile. There were many design choices, and I have to say that my brain was initially locked into having a chick theme for this spring. Unfortunately, when I saw that cute little bunny, it was all over for the chicks! If you'd like to take a look, head over to our Facebook page and see our cute little cover that Cakes and Kids Designs did for us.

I've just finished practicing my swirls with these new wax tarts. You get the first peek at them right here:

Cotton Candy Wax Tarts
Here are a few of the Cotton Candy Wax Tarts Done
These were done free hand as a practice for the real thing. I also did a jar here in cotton candy scent that is more of a nostalgia for me than the other gourmet candles. I wanted it to have all of the fluffy look of a cotton candy, which was a little difficult since I also had to stay within the boundaries I'd set for the other gourmet candles when I created their "look."

I have a confession that I have to make. I like glitter. So I couldn't resist adding a bit of glitter to the cotton candy. It could just be my glitter "thing" but I thought it added a really cute touch that gave the candle an appearance of sweet sugar crystals on cotton candy. The girls get on me all the time about my glitter issue. I've probably wanted to add glitter to 75% of the candles I've done and they've stopped me. This time I got the thumbs up and I actually think it worked!
Now I'm off to get a few pies going. I'm going to be working on some really crazy pies for some of my out of the box customers (love you guys). I'll be posting some right here so check back in!

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