It's April Fool's Day! I started to tell my children that they could all sleep in this morning and then 5 minutes after they got into a good sleep get them up. That would have been a great April Fool's joke. I didn't do it but I surely thought about it. We don't usually do April Fool's tricks because some people can go too far with it. Isn't there a practical joker in every family? Well there are a couple in ours so I didn't really want to kick things off and set myself up for those gifted jokers to pull out their pranks. I'm thinking about moments today when we'll need to be serious, and if I open the door to pranks, it will be ON!

On another note, I love to bake, and bakery candles are an extension of that. I never do both at the same time but there have been many occasions when I've forgotten that I was making a candle and have gone to lick "frosting" off of my fingers. Not a good thing to forget the difference between frosting and wax. But really, I love to work with wax to create desserts. It gives me the chance to do things a little more freestyle. The only thing to consider is to get the candles to smell as good as they look. That's easier than busting up a recipe trying to make something taste as good as it looks.

So this morning I doubled up on the coffee and started filling orders, then I sat down to read my convos to find that on this Treasury Tuesday one of the items from my home accents shop was the inspiration for a treasury! How cool! So of course I'm going to share this gorgeous spring treasury with you here and link up to Sylvia Swasey Designs. Stop by and see her shop!

Treasury tool is not behaving (maybe it's another April Fool???) so here is the link to check it out. It really is beautiful.

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