I've been away for awhile dealing with the challenges of life, trying to establish a new line of candles, tearing down things of old and building some very new things. Some of these challenges have been taxing on my family while others taxing on my business and, in this period of challenges, I've had to designate time just to reflect and determine which direction I really want to go with it all.

Finding a healthy balance in blogging has been difficult. When I'm speaking to people, I want to be able to share positive experiences, creativity, and love that seems to be somewhat buried underneath all of these issues. So I took a little bit of a breather to take it all in and determine whether or not I could continue to blog when my life seemed so chaotic. What I've realized is that blogging can be my time to grab a cup of coffee and just chat with friends about both the good and the bad. I don't have to be Jolly Janet with the perfect life to have a blog. I just have to be me and share whatever it is I have to share. That is a healthy balance.
So my plan is to just talk and share with you all of the random ideas that clutter my brain, shows, plans, creations and vacations, tangents, trials, masterpieces and blunders. I'm going to be sharing DIYs, bakery goods, family, friends, tips and treasures. I hope you'll join me for coffee as I begin again in this blog journey and hit refresh with me.

Kind regards.

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