My husband is still sleeping very soundly. He is quite determined that he's going to sleep the day away. I don't quite think that the children will grant that wish considering at least four of them can hardly resist pouncing on him on weekend mornings.

I suppose that when he does awaken, we'll have finished preparing the pancake breakfast we've planned for him. Then there's his other favorite thing to movies. I'm not a movie person, but I watch them with my husband because he enjoys them. However,  the third activity for today will likely be similar to this picture.

There have been many of our workday mornings that have started out with all of us clicking away on our laptops, phones or desktops. That's why this was so hilarious to me. So times three and you have my family. And breakfast is just sitting there on the side! I can see us all forgetting to eat because we're so consumed by technology.

Well, I'm hoping that you enjoy your day and have a blast doing your dad day thing. Happy Father's Day!

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