Yard Sale City, that's what I like to call the small town I live in simply because it's not uncommon to see one set up at any given day during the week. By Thursday, yard sales are popping up in more places, and by Friday, there's at least one on every third block. Saturday is the biggest day for yard sales, making it easy to hit five on a given street! So what about yard sales? I can't get enough if them.

When I go to yard sales, I'm looking for inspiration for new projects, particularly in the category of vintage. My Home Accents shop on Etsy is all about vintage inspired home accents, including candle holders and items that I've upcycled and made new, many of these items coming from yard sales. Some of these things I take apart and reconstruct, others need a little lifting, but most of them are vintage or something that I feel could use a bit of vintage charm to make it that much better.

There's no such thing as not finding a yard sale score. There's always something useful at a yard sale, whether it be old buttons or bottles, fabric pieces, or ribbon, pieces of wood. In fact, some of the best yard sales are the ones that you may pass by and deem as "junky." I can't tell you how many things I've created from items I've found at junky yard sales.

Saturday, I ran across three old wooden salad bowls for $.50 that I'll be upcycling. I also found a few spools of ribbon at a quarter each.

In fact, one yard sale I found was like craft heaven! These flowers (usually $7 per stem at Michael's) were bunched in a group of ten, and I scored them for $2 for the whole bunch!

I'll be sharing my yard sale treasures with you from time to time, including how to tips on getting the best out of yard sales, and maybe even including some DIY instructions to create things out of these fantastic finds. Keep posted for ideas and please, if you're also an avid yard saler, please share your finds!

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