If you like surfing for finds at yard sales, but you absolutely love getting a great deal, you'll want to follow these five tips to score big. 

These tips have landed me big savings on finds that I like to call 'treasures' because they're finds that I just can't pass up. So if you're a yard sailor who likes to save the most bang for your buck, here are five tips that will stretch your pocket full of dollars the next time you hit the yard sales.

1. Shop yard sales after 11 a.m.  The buyer browsing period tends to slow down around 11 or 12 o’clock, which means that sellers are more likely to want to take lower offers on their items just to get rid of them. That means you score one!

2. Be sure to hit the church yard sales. These always have the best deals because they’re not trying so hard to make a buck, but have more of an interest in every little bit that’s sold counting towards the cause. Churches draw a multitude when they hold yard sales. That means each person who buys a little is contributing to the bigger cause, and since that’s the church’s main goal, you get your treasures for less, help a cause and score!

3. Take a child along. This is something that I only do occasionally now, but I’ve found it to be a very helpful thing when I’m hitting yard sales for craft items. When a child haggles a price for something, they’re almost sure to get it. My daughter got a beautiful porcelain doll just by asking if they seller would take a dollar for it. Taking one of your children with you may help you to score!

4. Always have the seller give you a price before you make an offer. You never know what dollar figure a seller has in mind, but once you find out, you can better haggle your way to a super bargain. Screaming out a price before knowing what the seller has in mind could mean that you completely over bid on your treasure, but having an idea of what the seller is looking for, could give you the room to haggle, bag a treasure, and score!

5. Ask and you may receive. Well, at least we’ll start by asking, and when the seller gives you a price for something that you think is a little high, just put the item back down on the table and walk away. If they’re really trying to rid themselves of their stuff, they’ll usually tell you they’ll go down. What does that mean for you - a nice score!

Follow these tips and you're sure to land real deals.

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