Found a wonderful little treasure this past weekend at a yard sale, a couple of beautiful iron skillets that someone wanted to toss, and that I was happy to take off their hands. I shrieked with joy when I stumbled across the little gems. Those little skillets were the perfect accent for my newest creation: Country Biscuits.

Country Biscuit Skillet 
There wasn't a lot to this. I prepared about six ornamental biscuits with my ornament dough and baked them. I've been making these for awhile, but for these, I wanted more of a fluffy look than the more primitive biscuits that I've done. I think these would make such a cute kitchen accent, and they look so realistic that they annoyed my children (the true test that they look real).

The skillets I found were just the perfect touch, and since there were a couple to buy, this yard sale was a home run. I've already cleaned them up and I'm placing this in both shops!

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