It’s a Bakery Throwback Thursday, so today my bakery throwback is the Orion Choco Pie. It’s sort of a spin off from the original Moon Pie (created in the early 1900’s) but was inspired by hotel sweets covered in chocolate. Tonyang Confectionery released its Choco Pie in the early 1970’s and now owns two-thirds share of the Chinese snack market, and it’s become a favorite snack in South Korea, Russia, and Vietnam as well. The Orion Choco Pie is graham crackers and marshmallow fluff sandwiched together and covered in chocolate. It almost makes me think of a cold s’more.

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Now I have to tell you that I’m more a homemade type of gal, simply because I think the taste of homemade is so much better than boxed. But if you’re a moon pie snack lover (like my hubby), and you don't want to mess around with doing it yourself, you can still grab a hold of this throwback online (see below)! Otherwise, if you're interested in trying this out for yourself, there's a great recipe for mini moon pies on Food Network. I simply replace the flour (in the dough) with graham flour for that graham flavor. You can also add pumpkin spices to the marshmallow for more of an autumn pumpkin flair.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

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