I've been under strict orders, these days, to produce pies. I mean, I realize it's pie season and all, but these demands are really making me crazy! Okay, I'm going to be more specific here. See, I'm always making candles. So much that my children (and husband) have been complaining for months about not getting any real dessert in this house. So I've been warned - no pie, they're going to the store to get some.

I'm laughing as I type this because I have a serious pet peeve about store bought pies - I don't buy them. They're not as tasty and I don't know what's in them. When I bake a pie, I know what I'm putting in it so I absolutely forbid anyone in this house to buy a grocery bakery pie! So they threatened me that there would be a serious breech if I don't get some pies in this house. So I did.

To make it fair, I first made a candle pie. It was just to tease them a bit.

cherry pie candle
My Cherry Candle Pie
 Then I put together a lattice crust cherry pie that they could eat. I was able to have Christian take this picture before it was devoured.
My edible lattice crust cherry pie.
 Since a family of 12 can't possibly feed off of one pie alone, I made extras. I took a shortcut (a no-no for me) and bought some canned pumpkin to make these pumpkin pies. This gang could immediately tell the difference. People started moaning about the different taste. It wasn't disgusting, but they were definitely moaning about the difference. It was more like, "This pie tastes different." I knew it would, but I never thought they would call it out!

Pumpkin Pies With Canned Pumpkin 
The funniest thing was when I had the pies in the oven, I had to convince my 2 year old that they were real. She wasn't convinced until she saw people eating.

Cherry Pie Candle (front) and Real Pie (back)
Now maybe they'll be okay until Thanksgiving, right?

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