This is the perfect time for cupcakes, but then I think you can have cupcakes just about any time. They're small, cute, and so great to give as gifts and people just love cupcakes. So I got the notion to check around with some bakers and see what unique cupcakes they've come up with. What did I find? I found some really interesting cupcakes, ones that would make great copycat models for my candles. So I picked my favorite unique bakery cupcake, and I began to work on its candle duplication. That candle duplication challenge would be (drum roll please) buttermilk pancakes. 

Maple Pecan  Cupcakes With Buttermilk Pancakes
Photo compliments of The Moon Blush Baker

I knew this was going to be a challenging task. The cupcake candle that the Moon Blush Baker completed was really fluffy, gorgeous, and I'd never seen anything like it. But I thought, 'It's a cupcake, right?' I mean, no need in being intimidated by a little cupcake. So I started my copycat venture. Honestly, that little cupcake (that I probably should mention I made jumbo) was done at least three times before I was actually pleased with the design.

My icing was going to be similar, but because my pancakes were not real, I could not get the fluffiness of real pancakes. Once I got the icing intact, I put my mini pancakes on top.  My candle was not complete without butter and maple drizzles.

Size and fluffiness being different from its model, I have to tell you that this jumbo pancakes and maple cupcake smells some kind of fabulous. It's designed to burn down like a pillar candle and will not melt all over the place. This copycat fake food is now in my shop and ready for the world! After all, dessert is better burned.

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