It's Fabulous Friday, and I'm already getting prepared for my Valentine's Day dinner. Valentine's Day dinner is a little different for us because we choose to incorporate our children in the evening affairs. After thinking about crowded restaurants and crowded just about everything else, we decided we'd like it better just being home with the children. So we take the evening to play chef games and come up with special meals and desserts. Sooo much better than going out.

So while scoping around to get some ideas, I came across many great bakery treats that would be spectacular for table decor or just a simple love token.

Here are my top five fantastic Valentine's Day Bakery Treats:

Tiramisu by Carlo, 'The Cake Boss'

These are wonderfully cute enough to put on any dinner table. They have a classy presentation, and could easily hide a ring (hint...hint). Find the recipe here

Hearts Smores by Two Hearts Bakery

These hearts are little, sweet, and SMORES! I could see these little guys used for even the most casual dinner.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries by Edible Arrangements

Photo courtesy of Flickr
These are probably my most favorite Valentine's Day Dessert, they can set you back about $45 at Edible Arrangements, but here's a way you can make these lovelies yourself courtesy of The Examiner.

Message Cookies by Allyson's Cookie Jar

Allyson's Cookie Jar has a wonderful array of cookies that takes treats to a new level. She does personalized cookies for pretty much any occasion. If you want these cookies, you'll have to contact Allyson and request a custom order. 

Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes by A Helicopter

These were sweet, and as I always say, who doesn't love cupcakes? These are another pretty in pink DIY that you can get the recipe for at A Helicopter Mom's site here.

These are my top five favorite Valentine's Day desserts. Hope you'll get to try one!

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