Fridays are a much more relaxed day for us. After a day of hard work, we like to have what we call 'movie night.' Dad usually picks the movie, but sometimes we'll take a vote. I'll have to say that only one percent of the time are we watching a girly movie. The boys generally prevail there, but whatever we watch, we usually get through it after a minimum of 10 pauses that last about 5 to 10 minutes. I'm telling you one movie can last us four hours (and that's if it's not Marvel)!

Movie night isn't complete without Cayla's popcorn and some sort of treat that we whip up. Honestly, we rarely (I mean really rarely) get baked goods from the store bakery because I just don't like to buy that stuff. Cookies are usually the chosen treat, but today, I think I found something that everyone will love!

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So what is it? Well, it's a homemade Snickers recipe. While some of my children don't care for chocolate as much as others, everyone will chomp on a Snickers bar, and making them ourselves works out well because, like I always say, if I can make it, I don't have to buy it. This recipe, by The Recipe Critic, intrigued me because looked quite delicious and easy to make, and since I've tried some of Alyssa's other recipes, I'd say it's definitely worth a try.

I'm thinking that this will definitely be the treat of the night!  Happy Friday!!

Note: This recipe and the picture is compliments of Alyssa over at The Recipe Critic.

Get the recipe here.

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