Have a blast at the next party you throw. Create a party theme that not only entertains, but one that
Completely engages your guests. It's great to have a successful party that gives guests the ability to participate and interact with others without feeling pressured to make the interaction happen. As a host, you already have so much to do that if anything can be easy, let's make it, right?
Having an engaging party theme keeps your guests mingling because there's always something to chat about.  Here are a few popular themes and some corresponding decor ideas that are easy to plan and can keep your guests happy while you come out as the hostess with the mostess.
Around the World
Plan your themed party so that it incorporates a culture, ethnicity or country. For example, how cool would it be to be able to transform your kitchen and dining area into an Italian villa, with Italian music playing, photography of Italy and serving appetizers that absolutely give your party an Italian flair, such as bruschetta, antipasto, and your favorite Italian cheeses with a cannoli dessert. What about using fresh lemons and oranges scattered around the house in large bowls and glass vases or purple and red grapes on wooden cutting boards. Don't forget to dim the lights or use candles to create a luminescent, relaxing ambiance!
Take It Easy

For a more relaxing party theme, try a spa theme. Spa parties are very popular, but also a great way to relax while having fun. Some ideas for a spa party would be to block off space with room dividers to create a somewhat private sectioned area for several guests (obviously, space permitting). Decorate themes of nature or in calming colors like pinks, aqua blues or teal greens, these are very tranquil and soothing colors. Place flowers on the tables with bottles of personalized, purified water (using printed labels that coordinate with your color scheme), and have lovely mini cake candles to add flair as well as a warm and inviting glow. Don't forget the tranquil rain and nature tracks that would nicely fit in the background. Also, serve guests finger foods in the form of cute little finger sandwiches, seaweed dip, and, for dessert, petite fours, decorated cookies or french macaroons. Then offer your guests manicures and pedicures along with back and shoulder massages, providing your them with relaxing activities, of course, have a little something for them to take home as a memory of your fabulous spa party. Give them a little bag filled with homemade sugar scrub or bath salts, a loofah or bath sponge, and a little cucumber mint or lavender vanilla candle. 
A Mystery Party
Okay, this one is my all time favorite. I threw one of these for my husband's birthday one year, and it's still talked about today! The key is to know who, exactly, will be coming because each person will need a script. I created my own script, but you can easily use a service such as MyMysteryParty.com to write your script for you. Assign guest roles, and be willing to let them play the part all the way up to their attire. You'll give each guest clue cards that keep them interacting with one another, and one character is murdered. You can decorate in your chosen theme. My choice mystery theme choice was a hotel murder. I had the foyer and living room areas served as the lobby while  the dining room was the restaurant. I served an array of finger foods, and guests were able to sit in the dining area and enjoy a light fare. The basement served as the evening entertainment. I decorated each room to look accordingly, and there were delicious fragrances emerging from the restaurant. There were dimmed lights and candles to give the evening a very nice ambiance, and the theater had live entertainment in the form of my lovely sister, one of the characters, whose role involved being the hotel evening club songstress. It was a very classy club with a great deal of dignity, might I add. 
A themed party can keep guests entertained, while also allowing hosts time to enjoy the gathering. For more themed party ideas, try here.

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