Impressions can mean so much. In the home decor and candle business, I run into a lot of people who look at what I do and say to me, "Your house must smell fabulous!" That's a pretty good impression, I think. But as a person who lives in my home, I instantly thought about the times when my son forgets to take out the trash and the dirty diapers that are changed ever so frequently in my house.
Those are not good smells, nor would I want anyone to have impressions of those smells left in their minds when they visit my home.

My home is a reflection of my family and of me. I want it to be charming, but livable, beautiful, but not restricting, homey, but not tacky. So I asked myself what small things could I do to make my home feel more inviting? Well, here are 5 ways I came up with:

Rearrange furniture. Creating more open floor space creates a larger looking room. This actually meant getting rid of some things for me.

Keep Windows Unblocked. Natural lighting tends to bring in a loveliness, while giving airy appearance.

Use Flowers and Plants. By adding flowers to a coffee table or a potted plant to a living room, you achieve simple beauty that doesn't look like clutter. Don't want to take care of live plants? Grab a few fake ones. There are many potted plants at Ikea that are reasonably priced.

Use Fake Food. Okay, I know I say this over and over again, but a few loaves of bread in a basket on the table, a basket of fake fruit, and a lovely pie set in a covered pie dish are beautiful ideas to give a homey touch.

Bring In the Smells. Bake a batch of cookies. We're always baking at my house, but when we're not baking, you can be sure to smell the fresh blueberry pie candle or the vanilla sugared shortbread tarts. My favorite scent to melt these days is Hansel & Gretel's House...yum!

These are just a few simple things that can be done to help to create a charmingly beautiful, home sweet home.

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