Will your Easter table bore everyone who sits around it? Well, I don't know about you, but I want my table to look (and taste) fantastic. So I've rounded up some Easter goodies that'll make your table look so great that your family and friends may think it's too gorgeous to eat!
I've searched around for things to spark up my Easter table, and I found some really cool recipes that will make any Easter dinner table exciting. So here they are!

From Christina's Cucina, there's a recipe for Italian Easter Bread Rings. Believe it or not, these eggs were not boiled first! Check out the recipe for these colorful bread rings here.

These bunnies are absolutely adorable! They may just be too cute to bite into, but if you're up to making these little bunny bits of bread, Ancika konyh├íja gives you a recipe and step by step tutorial. You can find that here.

I have to say that this one is my favorite. They're empty tomb rolls found on Give Peas a Chance Blog. You bake them filled, but when you break them open, it's empty! Love it! You can find the recipe and a step by step here.

If you think these are hard boiled eggs, think again. It's cheesecake! These cute little treats are perfect single servings, and they're sure to excite whomever sees them. This recipe can be found at Mom.me.

Don't count the muffins out. Although these are said to be great for brunch, I'll bet that they'd be an excellent choice for dinner as well. These spinach and cheddar muffins, found at Food Beam are colorful enough to brighten up your table, and they look yummy!

This little bunny's behind is a cake with 49 reviewer 5 star rating. It's full recipe can be found over at Betty Crocker. This cake would be great for any spring gathering.

Place any of these on your table, and you're sure to get compliments.

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