So many other bloggers have stories behind their cupcake recipes and their desserts. But me, I don't have a story. I suppose I created my cupcake candles because I just wanted to do something different. It took me hours to come up with an idea, and I sat near my work table sniffing scents until all of the fragrances smelled alike.  I think the whole time I was sniffing, I was trying to think of what I could say about these cupcake candles that would show the artistic inspiration behind them. I wanted to portray something really meaningful about them, but as much as I tried to think up a story to put behind my cupcakes, I couldn't find one. You have to know that I sooo wanted to have a cool story to tell with these cupcakes.

I was annoyed. I'd spent about three hours sitting in front of my computer stuck in my thoughts. Every time I typed a few lines for the ebook I'm writing, I'd erase them. It was going nowhere, and I have a deadline. I knew that my thoughts were all over the place. My two and four year old had a new story to tell me, about the same thing, at least five times during the three hours I tried to write. (I can't turn away my ear from my sweeties.) Not to mention, I had guzzled down about three bottles of water. I wasn't getting anywhere at all, and the only thing I can say about it is, annoyed! 

I got up and started hammering away at some really hard wax to take out my frustrations on it. I figured I'd better use the wax since I broke it up so. Well, it turns out that after I melted the wax, I had no idea whatsoever I was going to do with it. I decided on cupcakes. I lined up the cupcake pan and placed my wicks in, but what was my inspiration? Annoyance? I didn't know how far that would get me, but I kept thinking. Then I started sniffing fragrances. That didn't work so well. Bubblegum and chocolate do not smell alike, but they did by the time I'd stood there for over an hour. So I turned to the wax and stared at it. No inspiration, and I was going to use that wax!

Finally, after probing my older girls repeatedly, I came up with the beginnings of a layered cupcake candle. I thought, 'What if I didn't just do one scent?' I think I just torture myself sometimes because I had no idea how much more annoying blending scents was going to be until I started this whole layered cupcake business. Here you'll see that I started with Bahama Mama, a coconut, pineapple blend that has a real tropical thing going on.

I decided on an ocean blue color for the base of this one. It seemed to fit. Next scent...banana. I was getting in my flow, and I could begin to smell the banana with the pineapple and coconut. So I pulled out my fragrance and opened the bottle. Instantly, I got the full sense of banana, coconut, pineapple. So that's how the next layer developed

I could feel my annoyance being replaced with some sense of satisfaction. The perfect follow up to the banana had to be pineapple upside down cake. Why? Because the brown sugar and butter in the fragrance notes blend in so well with the pineapple that it throws out a superb cake-like scent. This is what it looked like after all was done.

A few sprinkles and voila! 

So, while my cupcakes don't grace a beautiful story about their creation, they're awful cute on a cupcake tier, and they smell some kind of wonderful! You can find these cupcakes in my shop.

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