I have to confess. I'm an addicted copycat. My thrill comes from looking at stuff other people make and copying it. It's how I earn an income, and it makes me happy. I spend a lot of time pouring over things that bakers have created and thinking, "How can I make this a candle or fake food prop?"
I'm completely stoked when I can get a dup right, and I'm devastated when I can't.

So, now that I've confessed. I hope you'll still want to read my blog. I'm a true copycat, and, honestly, I'm not ashamed of it. 

Today my copycat comes straight from Real Simple, chocolate dipped strawberries. I know this is a popular Valentine's Day treat, and I realize it's not Valentine's Day, but these guys are a hit with me any time of the year! So, I looked around for some of the chocolate dipped strawberries that didn't look so fancy shmancy because I wanted the simple berries. Part of the reason for this was because I really do want people to melt these. I have the hardest time getting customers to melt my candles and wax tarts because they look so edible. Many times, customers want to set them in a place to be admired. So, I went with the simple dipped berry.

I worked on the strawberry first. These guys were overloaded with scent, so they weren't as easy to dip as a strawberry because they were a little more damp, and I didn't want to take the chance of losing even a small amount of fragrance sopping some of it up with a paper towel. 

The chocolate came out a little too light the first time, and I wanted more of a Hershe's chocolate look so I blended in a little black coloring and voila! 

I felt so inspired by this that I wanted some to eat. So my girls and I put together these. We weren't so impressed with these. I actually called them ugly, but they were delicious!

White chocolate turned out a little better than the milk chocolate, in my opinion.

To make your own chocolate dipped strawberries, here's a video by Real Simple followed by their recipe. They're easy to make and taste wonderful!

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