Does making cannolis seem like a daunting task? If it isn't, great! However, if you're like me and you seem to be playing cannoli crush every time you attempt to fill one, this video from Carlo's Bakery will make it easy peasy. These look incredibly easy to make, and they're soooo good!


Here's Carlo's cannoli recipe, compliments of Good Morning America and The Cake Boss.

If you're really skilled with the whole cannoli thing, and you want to try something a little more challenging, try these cannoli cupcakes. I don't do Marsala, since I'm not a drinker, but I think these cupcakes are the cutest little things! They're just inspiring. At any rate, here's a recipe, compliments of Grace's Sweet Life for Cannoli Cupcakes With Marsala Chocolate Whipped Cream.

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