When my husband and I were shopping for a new home, I have to be honest, we enjoyed the newly built model homes best. Sometimes we'd just go into the model homes to check out the staging. It was then that I realized how important staging a home is to selling real estate. There is a real art to staging a home. Creating the perfect buying atmosphere can be make or break the sale from the moment a prospective buyer walks in the door. Really, staging creates a significant part of the overall experience of the buyer.

When we arrived at a model home to view it, my husband and I marveled at how the homes displayed everything that you'd see in a virtual tour or photo book of the home, only the ambiance overtook us. They looked exactly as the photos if not better. Being  up close and personal to look at the home gave us an instant feel of comfort. What I found to be most appealing was the smell of the homes and the realistic food props used. I was completely blown away at how the kitchen and the dining room table looked like dessert had been pulled out of the oven and served on that fabulous dining room table. I mean, really? The dessert made the dining room table look so much more delightful, meaningful, and just plain inviting.

Interior staging is a whole different ball of wax. The home's clean counters and tabletops gave personal effects. The main thing that I remember is that I was able to see myself  and my stuff in each staged home. I admit that the more cluttered the home seemed, the more difficult it was for me to get that picture.

Scent is a ginormous motivator and can increase the overall attractiveness of a home. I mean, who can resist the scent of fresh baking when they walk into a home? It's always a favorite and can instantly put buyers (or visitors to your home) at ease. The smell of fresh baking can make anyone hungry. The point of staging is to make your home as welcoming as possible, and the thing is, you don't have to do it for yourself. You can stage your own kitchen with delicious looking props that make it look as though you've been baking. Staging is a wonderful option even for non bakers who love those magnificent fresh baked aromas. The motivation you can get from staging your own kitchen can be so welcoming to both you and your guests. That being said, it’s a nice touch to have out some cookies, or even a few sundae props for your guests to see when they come in.

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