Today in my home bakery, I'm making loaves of fake bread. This bread is made similarly to the bread I'd make at home to eat, yet it's completely inedible. I started making this bread after I played around with making the many different aged and primitive pantry cakes, and I thought to myself, "I wonder what it would be like to have a full loaf of bread that looks just as cool as these little cakes." It may sound silly, but I had no idea how this would be possible, considering the scientific process involved in making a great loaf of highly risen bread. So I played around with a few ideas.

 My first task was developing a dough that would rise, but would also give me a stable loaf that wouldn't mold. I combined a variety of ingredients that ended up looking like something more like plaster. Not what I wanted. I wanted a fresh baked bread looking loaf, and I knew that my customers would want something as realistic as possible. So I kept working. I finally decided to bring together a bit of a blend that I gently incorporated cornstarch into. I ended up with something more of what I wanted my dough to look like.

I let my dough sit awhile in a cool area, very much unlike making a real bread loaf. The coolness made my dough firm enough for me to work with it. Next it was time to place the dough into the pans. I let them sit in the warmth, this time, so that I could get a nice, loaf. It took about an hour to get a decent rise.

The finished loaves of bread were exactly what I needed them to look like. Now for the finishing touches to give them a fresh baked look.

Take a look at the finished product here in my shop!

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