My grandmother would tell me time and time again, 'Don't play with your food.' So there was no taking your fork and making smiley faces with the mashed potatoes or making the green beans into stick people. Certainly, with my grandmother standing over us at the kitchen table, there was no blowing bubbles in my cup of juice either! With such strict guidelines for food, it's no wonder why I've taken a passion for designing fake food.

Hey, what can I say? Food is versatile. Just like orange juice isn't just for breakfast anymore, I'd say that food isn't just for eating anymore. Let's take donuts, for example. Those things are great anytime of the day, and when they're homemade... man, oh man!

All things considered, Grandma does approve of my fake food creations, which keeps me from feeling as though I'm disappointing her (wink). Take a look at these ten DIY donut crafts. You never know. You may be inspired to play with food, yourself!

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