When I first married my husband, his aunt told me how much he loved lemon pound cake. I stood there smiling at her thinking about how I would make lemon pound cake every day just because he loved it so much. When there was a family barbeque, his aunt would bring lemon pound cake. If we celebrated holidays together, lemon pound cake was there.

First, let me just state that I never liked lemon pound cake, but the day that Aunt G told me that her lemon pound cake was the best, I just decided I'd let her have the reigning crown in the lemon pound cake department. I, currently, hold the lasagna title, but that's another story.

So while I don't particularly eat lemon pound cake, I just created the most delicious scented lightly glazed lemon pound cake wax tarts that are packed with bakery goodness. These were a test that turned out wonderfully, so I ended up putting them in my mystery boxes. People loved them! The lemon is very strong, but then you have the butter and cake that gives these wax tarts their delicious bakery scent. Unsurprisingly, making the wax tarts make my husband hungry for cake, but I haven't broken down and made a real one yet. Sometimes I wonder, if I ask really sweetly, if Aunt G will finally share her pound cake recipe with me. Then, maybe,I'll just make more of the wax tarts. It's probably the closest I'll come to making lemon pound cake. After all, sticking to wax tarts, I'm not stepping on anyone's toes and I don't have to eat any.

As for my husband, since his favorite cake is coconut, I've resolved on making that flavor cake instead.

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