Faux food items, from fruits and vegetables to realistic pies, cakes, and candies, are a great way to add a personal touch to your home’s kitchen or dining area. Setting food out gives a room a truly homey and lived-in touch, but naturally, leaving out baked goods or produce isn’t always the best idea. Real food goes bad remarkably quickly, even in the best conditions. Faux food decorations are great for appealing, personalized home staging, without the risk of letting any real food go to waste. You can easily find faux food products that go with almost any decor style, from ornateold-world Tuscan kitchens to rough-hewn rustic styles.

Fruit Platter Display by Beyond the Door

Faux Food Decorations for Any Design Style

Artificial food can complement almost any style of interior design, making it easy to find unique pieces that complement your own personal decorative style. For kitchens with an Old World aesthetic, you may want to consider foods reminiscent of French or Italian cuisine. Naturally, this includes grapes and grapevines, but an artificial loaf of home baked bread can also add a unique personal touch to your cooking and dining spaces. Faux food with a rustic or homemade appearance, like course breads and fresh-looking pies, can imbue a room with the feeling of a traditional European kitchen. These “rustic” faux foods can also work well with a distressed shabby chic look, or a Northwestern rustic cabin decor with exposed beams and knotted pine. If you have a distinctively feminine kitchen design, delicate pastries like cakes, petit-fours, and tarts can be a delightful addition to a room’s inviting ambiance with intricate, lacy icing and colorful pastels.

Scented Faux Food

Faux food can not only add an intriguing visual element to a room, but it can also infuse your home with the appealing scent of fresh pies or home-baked bread. Many faux foods are actually candles in disguise. These deceptively delicious-looking pies, tarts, and breads look surprisingly realistic, despite being made of wax. Even when not lit, they’re strongly scented to make your home smell like you’ve been baking. Nothing smells as incredible as freshly baked bread, and with scented decorative faux food, your home can always smell like you’ve just taken something delicious out of the oven. Many scented faux food candles and objets d’arts are also seasonal. In the summer, you can fill your home with the sweet scent of fresh cherry or blueberry pies. In the fall and winter, the smell of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and gingerbread can bring back memories of Thanksgiving or Christmas at grandma’s house.

Faux Food Makes Great Gifts

Decorative faux food isn’t just great for adding personal flair to your own home. They can also make fantastic gifts. There are many occasions in life, like a friend or co-worker’s birthday party, a housewarming, or a bridal shower, where you’ll need to find a small but memorable gift. Most faux food candles and sculptures are under $30, making them ideal gifts. These items are decidedly unusual, but highly useful-- especially if they’re scented, or function as a candle. Faux food and food-shaped candles are a thoughtful gift for the people in your life. They’re far more unique and personalized than simply giving out a gift card, and they’re a unique item that can remind the person of you.

Faux food is a surprisingly versatile decorative element that can complement almost any style of interior decor. Whether you have a warm, inviting country kitchen filled with charming gingham and unique handcrafted woodwork, or a formal kitchen modeled after historical European styles, you can find beautiful artificial pies, cakes, and breads to add a unique, personal touch to your kitchen or dining room. Faux food creates an inviting, “lived-in” atmosphere, allowing you to stage interesting tableux at any time. It can last for years to come, and can even be scented to complete the fresh-baked illusion. It can be used to decorate your own home, or can be given as a thoughtful gift. 

One More Thing...

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