Fake desserts are becoming popular by the minute. There are a number of dessert replicas you can find for decorative and aesthetic purposes. You can adorn your home and other venues, specifically business establishments, with unique, fun, exciting, colorful, mouth-watering yet inedible fake baked desserts. Well, not only are faux desserts great for spicing up your own décor, these completely inedible desserts are likewise ideal gift items. Make someone smile and crave for something that teases their taste buds when they open your gifts. Give them faux dessert designs that will surely give a lasting impression.

Special Occasions where Fake Desserts are Perfect

Giving fake dessert items as a gift is a unique and fun way of showing someone you actually remember a special occasion. The beauty in giving these special items is that no matter what event or celebration it may be, you can find the perfect dessert replica to match.

Here are some of the best fake food collections that are ideal as gift items for a specific event that calls for a celebration:


One of the most popular and important special occasion to celebrate with fake dessert designs as your gift of choice is someone’s natal day. Gone are the days when you give the same generic gifts everyone is wrapping to give a birthday celebrant. Make your present something more exciting and absolutely unique. You can give the birthday celebrator a fake cake or his most favorite sweets. They would surely appreciate it even if your cake is only for the eyes.


Celebrate this very important milestone in someone’s life with food replicas that would surely mark the occasion more special. The inedible food gifts for graduations could even be customized in order to match the event. You can find a wide range of dessert imitations to choose from such as ice cream and ice cream towers, fruit pies and tarts, cookies, cakes, and so much more.


Another very important milestone is when a couple exchanged their “I Do’s.” What better way to celebrate it than fake desserts as your gift of choice. Not only will this make a fun and unique gift item, it will also be a practical choice since they could use it as home accessory to add to their collection. You can order for customized fake desserts, particularly wedding cake replicas to give your gift a more personal and special touch. In addition to gifts, fake desserts also make excellent wedding table decor!

House Warming

Give your friend the most unique and practical house warming gift with no less than fake desserts. You will surely give a one-of-a-kind present that they can even use as they move to their new home. There are top quality fake desserts that are perfect accessories for accentuating your kitchen and other rooms in the house. You can find savory apple pie replicas for a change and to give the space an instant centerpiece like no other.


The yuletide cheers will surely become much louder with the unique and wacky faux desserts for your holiday gift. There are Christmas-themed desserts from fruits cakes to egg nog cakes, gingerbread house cakes, and Christmas cookies. You can also find other dessert imitations that will remind you of the yuletide holidays such as candy canes and so much more. Wrap the delectable yet inedible sweets and you will surely make your recipient crave for tasty desserts when they see what’s inside their gifts.

Valentine’s Day

The season of love is definitely the perfect time when you can give the sweetest token and remembrance. Find Valentines-themed faux desserts which you can also personalized if you want to give them to your better half on heart’s day.

Why Fake Baked Desserts as Gift Items

Dessert replicas are highly preferred gift items nowadays because of their numerous features and upsides. If you give fake desserts to someone for a special occasion, you will absolutely never regret why you made the choice in the first place.

Check out some of the reasons why fake desserts are the perfect gift items today:

  • Fake desserts are humorous. You can add humor and wit in your gift to break away from the boring and predictable gift-giving patterns. It is high time you add fun and wackiness in your wrapped present. There are numerous fake food desserts with diverse themes and designs that would surely make someone smile as they unwrap their gift from you.

  • Faux desserts are practical. If you choose to give faux food desserts as presents, you will find numerous items that are of highest quality but definitely within your budget. Fake desserts could be ordered per item or in a collection depending on your allotted budget for the gift. Moreover, there are discounts and markdowns for bulk orders.
  • Decorative desserts are multipurpose. These items are not merely gifts. The recipient could certainly use dessert replicas as home décor and ornament. Platter fake desserts are eye-catching and great centerpiece alternatives.  The items are also lightweight thus very easy to store, remove, and rearrange.

  • Fake desserts are customizable. If you want to put a personal touch on your gift item, fake desserts are the right choice. You can have your gift customized and tailored to match a particular occasion or special event. Thus, you can order for a faux wedding cake with the names of the bride and groom on it. You can also customize the gift for the holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Days, and so much more.
  • Fake desserts are available in a variety of designs. You can find the perfect gift no matter what the occasion may be. Sometimes you need not have the fake desserts personalized because you just might easily find what you are looking for. There are numerous categories of faux desserts to choose from. On top of the popular desserts, you can also find meals, cuisines, and even drinks and beverages.

Choosing fake desserts as gift items is a brilliant idea. Modern faux desserts are made with high quality materials and intricate details that would surely make an impressive and highly appreciated gift. Go for something unique and fun and choose fake desserts for your gift-giving today.

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