The farmhouse kitchen style is perfect for you if you want to go for a subtle rustic feel when you’re doing your cooking, and adding the element of fake food décor to your kitchen can add that extra special touch. It will conjure thoughts of nostalgia for the days when the communities and customs of the world were decidedly rural and simple. Your kitchen will be welcoming, spacious, and it will look very sophisticated. If this is what you want, then there are some great ways to get that look. Here are a few features that you may want to add to your kitchen:

Cabinets and Shelves
Country farmouse kitchen display shelf
Country Kitchen Ideas (photo from Midwest Living)
Your cabinets should have a simple design, nothing particularly fancy. The point of this is to provide a humble appearance that visitors will warm too quickly. If you want to go for the ultimate farmhouse look, then you can forego cabinet doors completely and combine them with wide open wall mounted shelves. This is for greater convenience in reaching for your utensils and crockery. Glass filled cabinet doors will make sure your crockery and fake pies and breads are on display as well, so you can impress your guests. The color scheme for your shelves and cabinets should be a basic white, which is key to setting a farmhouse style mood.

The flooring in your farmhouse kitchen is a vital aspect of the design. The most common and popular flooring for farmhouse kitchens is simply wood. A wooden flooring perfectly raises the rural image that comes hand in hand with farmhouse kitchens. If you want to paint the wood, then you can but it’s not mandatory. The wooden flooring isn’t your only option either, black and white tiles also encapsulate the farmhouse kitchen look very well. Alternatively, you can go for the rarer linoleum floor.

The table is such an important part of any kitchen, and as such it is key to your design. A large wooden table is perfect for the farmhouse kitchen look. It has to be big enough to accommodate your family, and also for any guests that you want to invite round for dinner. You can’t go wrong with a natural brown for your wooden table. The perfect table will be simultaneously inviting and humble. Remember that your table will go through plenty of trials and tribulations over the years so pick a sturdy one. If you're a DIY person, here's a great tutorial on making your own.

There is a distinct type of sink that goes in farmhouse kitchens, this is known as an apron sink. Apron sinks were particularly useful in the rural communities of days gone past when sinks were used for so much more than they are today. These sinks are larger, deeper and grander. They had to be to accommodate for numerous large plots and plates for large rural families. The sink was also the primary place for washing clothes and even children, so space is of the essence. The traditional apron sink is made from porcelain and will add to your mostly white color scheme. You may enjoy checking out some of these photos of inexpensive retro kitchen makeovers that implement these concepts.

The typical counters in farmhouse kitchens are made from wood, marble, and soapstone. These materials are durable and they need to be; plenty of work was done on those counters in rural communities for large families. A good color for your counters is black, this will contrast nicely with the white cabinets and shelves.

Retro Farmhouse Fire stoveStove
The stove is the centerpiece of your farmhouse kitchen, it needs to be vintage to create a welcoming atmosphere that you desire. An old wood burning stove is typical for a farmhouse kitchen, especially with the stovepipe extending from the top. It needs to be big, so it will draw plenty of attention and complement the rest of the room. The best color for your vintage stove is black, this will fit the traditional aspect nicely while also contrasting the lighter colors of your farmhouse kitchen.

A vital part of any farmhouse kitchen is the collection of accessories that can be found in its drawers, shelves, and on its counters. These accessories are key in creating the vintage feel of a rural community, quaint yet welcoming at the same time. These are the accessories and decorations that you should get:

Fake Cherry Pie Farmhouse Decor
Farmhouse Fake Pie
  • The bead board is an absolute must for the farmhouse kitchen. These charming wooden panels are perfectly suited to the farmhouse décor, adding a neat look to your kitchen.
  • Mason jars and glass canisters are a quintessential part of the farmhouse kitchen. They hold food like preservatives, flour, sugar, etc. They’re perfect for putting your food on show and helping to create the vintage farmhouse look.
  • The fireplace is as old fashioned as it gets. Surrounded by a brick section in the wall; the fireplace will make the kitchen cozy and provide a get together spot for your friends and family to discuss and enjoy each others’ company.
  • Vintage accents are important in giving the kitchen that rural feel, but also adding your own personal touch to the interior. These are things that were typically found in farmhouse kitchens, such as pottery, old fashioned lighting, and certain aromas that create nostalgia. This bit is really up to you.
  • Fake pies, breads in baskets, and cakes will give your home an added touch of farmhouse charm that others will want to replicate themselves. Seeing the beauty of fake food on a shelf that looks edible is warm and inviting; however, when you add the element of wonderful scent to it, it becomes enticing as well.
  • Burlap and wrought iron accessories, such as place mats, table runners, candle holders, skillets, and pot racks are all excellent ways to add a rustic, farmhouse charm to your kitchen.

When you’re setting about creating your farmhouse kitchen, remember to keep things simple (taking a bit of advice from Real Simple Magazine's tagline here). White is a tried and tested color scheme that will create a welcoming atmosphere and its subtlety can be appreciated. Size is important. It's great to have a big sink, a big stove, large spaces for work and wide open shelves for holding your wares. The rural style isn’t about wowing people or looking fancy, it’s about going back to a simpler time when communities relied on each other and people spent a lot of time together. If you’re pining for a more basic lifestyle and if you want to satisfy your craving for nostalgia, then a farmhouse kitchen is perfect for you.

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