Fake food goes beyond decorative purposes for the home and other commercial venues. Another aspect or trade where these decorative items are used is the theater or stage. The use of fake food as props has made a revolutionary turn, especially with the emergence of realistic replicas in the market. In fact, this type of props has already invaded the TV screen and even Hollywood. World-class and high quality ensembles of fake food made this d├ęcor an all-time favorite not only among homeowners and interior designers. It is now a staple in theatrical and stage production as well as the small and big screen.

Benefits of Fake Food as Theatre Props

Numerous stage and theatre productions have included fake foods in their line must-have props. Theatrical operations are in need of fake or replica foods of all types and genre because of the remarkable upsides and the perks they offer.

Here are some of the benefits of using fake food as theater props:

Cost Effective

Using fake food is much cheaper and economical compared to actually buying real food or preparing edible meals. Faux foods are more cost effective and practical, especially if you need props for a scene where there is a feast or an abundance of meals of any kind.


Why spend money on real foods that you only have to use once every scene or episode? Fake food is definitely a remarkable choice if you need to have top quality props for stage, theatre, and even small or big screen productions. No matter how many scenes there are that need fake food for a number of episodes, you have the same props you can use over and over again.

Avoid Food Spoilage

One of the most remarkable upsides of using fake food for theatre props is to avoid the build-up of rotting food or leftover backstage. You can practically use the props and avoid wasting meals or dishes that will most likely get spoiled.

Easy Storage

Just like any other theatrical props, replica foods are quite easy to store or safely tuck away without any problems. There are faux food items made from quality materials which are not easily ruined or destroyed with prolonged storage and in not so commendable conditions.

Versatile and Multipurpose

Fake foods are not only props that are used for stage or theatre productions. On top of using faux or replica foods in these venues, you can now see this prop type in television and the big screen. Moreover, items are likewise used in restaurants, photo sessions, for store displays and are likewise great gift items.

Popular Fake Bakery Food Items for Theater Props

Bakery food replicas are more common and popular in theatre productions. This category of faux food has been also used for home staging, in restaurants and bakeries, theatrical and stage productions and museum displays. There are high quality pieces which are believable, realistic, and downright attractive. You can even find props matched with pleasing scents and aromas to give the inedible bakery items a complete finish.

Here is a list of bakery food replicas ideal as theatre props:

Breads and Rolls

Complete your collection and bread basket with the wide range of breads and rolls that are too good to be true. For this selection, you have a vast selection of breads and rolls to choose from such as the following:

·         Loaf bread with sesame seeds
·         Bagels with cream cheese
·         French bread loaf
·         Sour dough loaf bread
·         Crusty French baguette
·         French bread loaf with poppy seeds topping
·         Mini French baguette rolls
·         French loaf with raisins
·         Small and large bread groupings in bread baskets

Breakfast Pastries

Set your eyes on delectable yet inedible breakfast pastries that are too realistic to be tempting. There are various eye-catching pastries in this category which could certainly fill your sight, but unfortunately not your sweet tooth. Choose from a wide range of breakfast pastries such as:

·         Croissant with fruits
·         Donuts (Individual or group)
·         Banana nut muffins
·         Pastry with strawberry, mango, kiwi, berry, and other fruit selections
·         Sugared pastries

Cheese and Crackers

This all-time favorite blend is exactly what you need for theatre productions and other settings. There are various cheese and cracker combos available for the faux food collection including:

·         Brie cheese (round, wedge)
·         Swiss cheese (round, wedge)
·         Edam cheese (round, wedge)
·         Cheddar cheese (found, wedge, black rind)
·         Round Cascadia cheese
·         Camembert cheese (round, wedge)
·         Cheddar cheese cubes
·         Water crackers
·         Saltine crackers
·         Small and large cheese and cracker grouping

Cakes and Pies

One of the most favorite and popular types of bakery fake food for theatre props is no other than cakes and pies. There are well-crafted and realistic masterpieces to embellish any stage and limelight. Here are some of the collections of faux cakes for your production design:

·         Large and small vanilla frosted cake
·         Large and small chocolate frosted cake (with assorted fruit variants)
·         Vanilla and chocolate cakes with primary or pastel sprinkles
·         Cheesecake
·         Strawberry and blueberry cake
·         Mocha cake
·         Black forest cake
·         Pumpkin pie
·         Cherry pie
·         Apple pie


Just like cakes and pies, cupcakes are likewise bakery staples not only for the edible kind, but also for faux foods and props. Choose from a wide selection of flavors for your cupcake theatre props:

·         Chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes
·         Caramel apple crunch
·         Pineapple, banana, coconut flavor
·         Bubblegum flavored cupcakes
·         Buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup
·         Cookies and cream cupcakes
·         Peppermint flavored cupcakes
·         Raspberry and dark chocolate


Everybody loves the smell of freshly baked cookies from the oven. There are fun fake cookie ideas and flavor to enjoy and accentuate your theatre production such as:

·         Chocolate chip cookies
·         Pumpkin Halloween cookies
·         Christmas gingerbread cookies
·         Cookies in Easter Bunny shapes
·         Cookies and cream
·         Cookies with chocolate chunks and bits

There are so many other fake food ideal for theatre, stage, TV and even movie productions. Bakery faux food items are most popular and commonly used because of their enticing and believable finish. Fake food props deserve the spotlight with its remarkable features and benefits.

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