Home staging, the art of creating a home with visuals designed to make a house more appealing to your potential buyers. Let's face it. In the current real estate industry, staging a home is the key to a successful sale in the midst of the overflowing competition. The main objective of home staging is to give your house an edge and stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, there are numerous tools and accessories to boost your home staging efforts, particularly scented fake desserts.

Accessorizing in Home Staging

Staging a room or home is like an artist painting his masterpiece. Thus, you need the tools as equally important as having the talent and eye for the craft. Ornaments and accessories are essential components in the art of home staging. It is important to highlight the important features of the house with the use of complimenting accessories that are appealing, not so much to you, but that highlight the best features of the home.

Accentuate your home and outshine other houses with home staging. The best results could certainly make the property brighter, bigger, and definitely more appealing and inviting to buyers. However, it is important to create a unique look since there are myriads of home stagers in the industry today. The debut of new and refreshing accessories to stage the property provides leverage for home stagers beginners and professionals alike. Scented fake desserts, for instance, are decorative items that could help you create a professionally staged space because they look and smell inviting.

Centerpieces that Set the Mood

Centerpieces are basically very popular items in the world of home staging. In the previous years, you only think of flower vases and bouquets as the best centerpiece. In the present, there are more effective and attractive choices that could capture the attention of everyone. Fake scented desserts are specifically taking the home staging industry by storm because of its remarkable features. The accessories make the space much homier and cozier and the smell brings back happy nostalgic moments such as the smell of homemade chip cookies.

Other Famous Home Staging Accessories

Professional home staging takes more than just proper training, talent, passion for the craft, and the right information. You also need the best staging accessory to define and carve a space to revamp and boost its aesthetics.

Here are some of the most famous home staging accessories to embellish a space and create the ideal visuals your clients are looking for:

Area Rugs

Rugs represent sophistication for a flooring cushion and could define a larger space. This item is commonly used to stage bedrooms, but there are also rugs designed for the living area and other rooms in the property.

Sheer Curtains and Drapes

This accessory is designed to dress up the windows, one of the most significant areas of the property. You can find a wide range of curtains and draperies with color and design to match the interior design and theme of a particular room or house overall.


Accessorizing the wall is one of the most effective home staging strategies. You can find a wide range of paintings from floral to landscape to abstract subjects. Highlight a particular area in the room with small, grouped paintings or a huge one that covers a significantly wider wall space.

Scented Fake Desserts

This type of modern accessory is fast becoming a favorite among new and professional home stagers. There is a collection of dessert replicas with scented features for a more realistic finish. Fake scented desserts are not only for staging your kitchen. It can also embellish other areas in your home, giving it an inviting and welcoming ambiance.

Here is a collection of high quality scented fake desserts to help you create the ideal space, attract potential buyers and make the place stick in their minds to eventually ensure sale:

·         Fake fruit baskets
·         Fake coffee and other beverage
·         Fake bakery products and pastries
·         Fake desserts, candies, and other sweets

Secret to Low-Cost Home Staging

Selling a house is tough and extra challenging, especially in the current economic situation. The real estate industry is bursting at the seams with properties for sale. In the midst of the overflowing competition, what are the chances that the property you are selling will be chosen?

In order to have an edge, home staging is a must. You can take your home staging projects to the next level without breaking the bank. You only need to have the right resources and accessories to come up with the perfect home or space update.

Check out the following tips for cost effective home staging:

Move It

Furniture rearrangement is a basic home staging method. It can result to a brand new look to the space and revitalize the room. You can also remove certain items to give more breathing space to the room, avoiding any cramp spaces. Add items that are refreshing to the sight and in the case of scented fake desserts could even stimulate your other senses particularly your sense of smell.

Organize It

Neaten up and de-clutter the place. You can utilize a wide range of organizing tools in order to make the room spic and span. For instance, accessories such as shelves and hooks could help maintain the organized look in the property. Shelves could specifically display collectibles and other decorative items in a neat order.

Replace It

Sometimes home staging also means replacing all the items or room features that do not work anymore. You can have non-functioning cabinet handles replaced and accessories that do not match the new aesthetics you are trying to create. Using scented fake desserts is a cheaper and low cost way of accessorizing the room while enjoying significant results and benefits.

This newly remodeled kitchen added pendant lights to accentuate its best features.

Light It

One of the home staging accessories that offer major impact on the aesthetics and ambiance of a home is lighting. Lights are mood setters and decorative lighting such as lamps and pendants could effectively accentuate a room on top of its obvious functions.

Home staging is a rewarding and fulfilling craft. Perfect your craft with the help of contemporary home staging accessories such as scented fake desserts for projects with visuals and scents of a successful sale.

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