Trendy Rustic Home Décor brings together the warmth of country and the clever modernity of the industrial look in a fresh, livable home design sensibility. Explore the building materials, furnishings and accessories that pull this cool decor theme together.

 Rustic Homes: Hearty and Hale

Flip through photographs of our homesteading foremothers and you’ll notice that pioneers had the gritty flair that characterizes rustic home décor. Of course their ‘style’ came about out of necessity. We are fortunate to have their ingenuity and outlook to draw on for our modern, and comfortable homes. Rustic Home Décor is a rural look, but without the country kitsch.

If your eye is drawn to heavy timbers and exposed brick, this may be the look for your home! Rustic interiors are composed of elements drawn from country, industrial, and natural or eco-friendly design perspectives.

Untreated wood surfaces, like plank flooring, add character. Open space plans, in the vein of a wilderness lodge or cabin, create airiness in the midst of solid materials. Your rustic home will show off the outdoors with large windows, and even skylights, to welcome the sun. Choose river stone for your hearth or mantle, and wainscot liberally!

Rustic Furnishings and Accessories

The rustic style is fun and highly functional. Any wood surface in a rustic home should be salvaged, distressed, or whitewashed (also distressed)! Keep colors natural and rich, like rust, deep blue, moss, and charcoal. Brighten the space with thick glass that tints light while letting it shine.

Find Rustic Décor Ideas For Every Room and Any Budget

Thinking of adapting your home to this look? Invest in larger pieces for the long term, but look for inexpensive accessories you can you can make or assemble yourself! Let’s look at individual rooms, and learn more about how to accessorize and furnish in the rustic style!

In the Kitchen, cast iron pans look perfect on your La Cornue™ gas range (a gal can dream) for that true settler look. Ceramic or glass kitchen canisters lined up on the tile countertop, hold baking supplies, while a salvaged wood chopping block or bar makes an informal spot for breakfast or an after dinner drink. A rustic Dining Room might feature a picnic table, or chairs in the classic bentwood style. Gather curly willow branches and place them in an oversized mason jar for a clever centerpiece. For fabric inspiration, ubiquitous burlap makes a comeback as curtain ties, or table coverings, and for dishware, seek out imperfect pottery, wooden bowls and trays, and Depression glass tumblers and goblets in soft colors, like lavender, pale blue and baby pink. Find riveted cutlery, or flatware with ‘twig’ style handles. Of course, adding fake food, such as a broken loaf of bread on a cutting board or a basket of faux croissants would add an extra rustic charm. So attractive and unique!

For your Living Room, look for wall décor made of tin, like antique advertising signs, or painted wood planks stenciled with inspirational or biblical slogans. Exposed radiators and woodstoves warm up the space, or try oil lanterns (faux, if you must) to bring warmth and hominess. Other family-friendly fabrics, like denim and corduroy, are perfect for cushion covers, or even upholstery! For a slightly more upscale rustic look, incorporate a mellow tapestry (think carpetbag!). Fur and hide also suit the rustic look; find a small sheepskin rug to toss on a chair, a faux fur blanket, or even a cowhide as an interesting floor covering. Leather is, of course, the perfect material to compliment this style. Seek out a distressed leather sofa, or a chunky ottoman to place by the fire. For a coffee table consider an antique style travel trunk, and use it for storage as well.

The rustic Bedroom is warm and welcoming. A log poster bed is the centerpiece. Draped in warm checks or Navajo prints, it looks cozy and inviting. Replace your folding door closets (so passé) with wooden wardrobes. If you’re a fan of antlers, use the bedroom to display your collection. Consider painting the antlers white to add a touch of whimsy. DIY a basic dresser by replacing shiny pulls with glass or iron. A ruffled bed skirt adds a touch of softness, and if you can’t manage a canopy, drape a mosquito net over a tree branch suspended (securely!) from your ceiling.

Embrace the rustic look for your Bathroom by choosing sinks bowls in hammered copper (this look comes in a variety of finishes from pale gray, through more traditional oranges to black). For a thrifty choice, replace a basic sink with an aluminum washtub, or with natural, carved stone for a little more luxury. Waterfall style faucets make a quiet statement about your outdoorsy perspective. Exposed pebble aggregate gives color and texture to flooring, wall or shower stalls. A claw foot or most any freestanding tub will suit your rustic décor. Surround your tub with a ruched shower curtain in linen, cotton, or lace. Display towels on a stepladder, and choose bath products with natural fragrances like pine or cedar. Light your bath with large, creamy pillar candles, and keep personal items tucked away in baskets.

Rustic Home Décor offers so many delightful and creative options. Drawing on a pioneering past, the rustic style is about blending new materials and neutral colors with nostalgic and rugged furnishings. This style marries the very best of country design with the more modern sensibilities of contemporary industrial décor and sustainable design choices. Suitable for a family of any size, this look can be adapted to a small apartment, or a spacious farmhouse. Choose natural elements, like wood and stone from your region, and decorate your rustic home with care and flair!

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