Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here on the Bakery Shmakery blog. It’s mainly been because of lack of direction. This past year, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to continue writing, but I found myself feeling really uninspired about pretty much everything.

While I flip flopped over this last year about whether to continue the blog or just let it die peacefully, I realized that my lack of direction and what I’d viewed as a lack of creativity was mostly a result of an array of things I had absolutely no control over.  Just as I thought my creativity was drowning, not only in my sorrows about the thoughts of others, but in the nasty hurl of life and its constant way of reminding me that I’m only a mere fragment of a much larger picture, I realized that there are things that I can control. Things that I can control, like who and what I allow to negatively affect me, are very instrumental in the flow of viability, of my creative juices.

So without too much more unimportant detail, here are 10 things I learned from 2016: 

1.  It’s Okay To Take A Break. In fact, we should. If God can take the seventh day, then it’s seriously okay if we do. In fact, He gave us one day of rest so we should receive that gift.

2.  So What Others Have Opinions. We’re all different, and we have our own thoughts. That’s what makes each of us unique. But an opinion is not a fact; therefore, I don’t have to invest in it, and I shouldn’t feel bad when I don’t.

3.  One Person’s Inspiration Can Greatly Inspire Another. My creativity is greatly influenced by the limitless boundaries of my imagination, and because I’m unique, I can use the individuality of my imagination to bring inspiration to others. 

4. Everyone Is Creative. I never thought I was a creative person, and I often shrugged with disbelief when someone mentioned my creativity. Every one of us is creative in our own way. Whether it’s creating a new recipe from a previous version, finding a new hairstyle, or designing a sculpture, you are creative in your own right.
5.  Life Is Short. While we always hear this cliché, it’s been brought to the forefront of my mind over this last year. Like the grass and the beauty of flowers, our time is short and then we wither and fall away into nonexistence. Give time to things that are important, things that make you happy, because all too soon, it’s over.

6. Speak Those Things That Are Not As Though They Are. We’ll always have someone around us who seems to NOT want us to succeed. It’s something you can’t control. When you speak positivity into another person’s life, they either accept it and change their tune, or they’ll get extremely annoyed and move on to the next person they want to bring down.

7. Opportunities Are All Around Us. There are so many things we can learn from the things around us. I would never have thought my fake pies would be on Broadway in the Tony Award nominated, “Waitress the Musical.” Then displayed, again, in their Tony Awards performance in June 2016. One opportunity leads to another, and you never know where it’s going to come from, so do your best in whatever you do. Someone, somewhere, will notice.

8. Great Things Can Come From Vintage Ideas. Don’t be afraid to learn something from vintage ideas and perspectives. There are a lot of techniques that come from times that many will view as aged and worn. Yet, some of the very things that may seem outdated are missed. Reach back a little and see what you can use from ages past, add a touch of you to it, and make it new again.

9. Everyone May Not Love What You Create. This year has been a year where this has been more obvious to me. Sometimes we can create things we think nobody will love and it flies off the shelf, but then there are things we love that we think will fly off the shelf and it sits there. Take those experiences and embrace them as learning experiences. Those creations that weren’t a hit may be a great donation to a better cause. Whatever it is, make the best of it.

10. Be Yourself. We’re all very different. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Know that you were fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose. Your purpose is not to make everyone happy by being someone you’re not. Stay focused on being true to you and letting your light shine.

I invite you to join me as I share the things that inspire me the most. Whether it’s a new cupcake design, a beautiful piece of art, or a cute outfit, I hope that, somehow, I can inspire you in your very own creative journey.

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