Do you still make New Year's resolutions? If you do, how do they work for you? Do you ever finish out the year feeling accomplished?

Let's be honest. Most New Year's resolutions were made to be broken. They're usually unrealistic goals that we set for ourselves without really thinking through the plan we need to put in place to reach those goals.

After I had my last baby, I promised myself I'd drop 25 pounds. Seemed easy enough. Stop eating, right?

I started immediately cutting back on what I ate and working out with my Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD (promising to rid me of 20 pounds in 30 days).

Initially, I did okay. I was quite determined the first week, but reality is working out is work!

After about two weeks, of working out Monday through Friday (taking breaks on the weekends), I dropped almost 10 pounds and got a little relaxed. I started slipping back into some of my old routines but it was very very slowly. I was okay with skipping a day of exercising with the idea of making it up (if that ever even happened).

Long story short, I found myself barely maintaining my weight by early summer, and by the time autumn hit, I completely stopped.

What a let down! I hadn't accomplished anything at all, which resulted in a lack of motivation overall.

I’m sharing this story with you because motivation is, very much, the key to getting done what you need to get done. If you stop, you never get anywhere. So, here are 3 fast tips I use to keep from settling for nothing.

1.       Something is better than nothing. In my case, even if I get up and stretch, it’s better than not doing anything at all. My doctor once told me that if I commit to 15 minutes of some sort of exercise a day, it will make a huge difference overall.

2.      Take a look in the mirror. It’s important to like what you see. Looking in the mirror at yourself forces you to deal with the things you need to change. If you never look at yourself, you can’t make a change.

3.       Proceed with Purpose. Don’t forget that you have a purpose. Start your day remembering that there’s a reason you’re here. You touch lives that you don’t even realize you touch. You inspire. Revisit the tips to staying motivated and recommit to getting things done. 

I understand the challenges of staying motivated, but you are worth it!

Can you share things that you do to stay motivated? I’d love to hear them.

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