If you haven’t already, you’ll likely start seeing beautiful spring greenery in various places, fashion, home décor, and even beauty products. 

Fresh tones are going to make their appearance in Spring 2017, and yellows and greens will bring a refreshing awakening to our senses this year

These greens are definitely going to take the stage in the fragrance category as well. These green aromas are going to include that of bamboo leaves, tea leaves, and freshly cut grass as they add their lively contributions to the lighter fragrances that we look forward to during the spring and summer seasons.

I love clean aromas, and I'm looking forward to green fragrances lending their beautiful tones to us this year.

Some of these green scents we've come to love already, such as my pics below (links included).

Though it's rare to find designer fragrance sales, I'm scoping out a few now in hopes of happening upon a surprise! What's your favorite scent for spring and summer?

Fresh Scent Picks for Spring 2017

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