As the week is winding down, our extended school holiday break is quickly coming to an end. As a homeschooling mom of 8 (soon to be 7), my weekdays are pretty full. We maintain our studies throughout the entire year, so we reward our accomplishments with a longer holiday break.

On a typical day, we have a schedule that we follow to ensure that we make the most of our time. 

The first part of my morning is probably the most important because it sets the tone for my day. You can see how here.

Here's a general snap of what happens with us on a typical morning.

Our education process is quite different from many I've seen. It's more like working on a farm without the farm.

Morning includes typical subjects and our devotional studies, but afternoons include, economics, creative design, and business lessons as well.

We spend A LOT of time reading, with at least one piece of classic literature included in the reading curriculum each month.

Lastly, we have our International language studies. These studies may vary a bit, but Latin is a requirement. The children all have a language that they get to delve into themselves. So far, it's been Korean, Spanish, and French.

I try to have morning tasks done by 12:30 pm so that we can have a nice break before we begin to our hit afternoon tasks, including filling orders.

Our mornings are super full for us. What's your morning like?

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