I love vintage jewelry. Mostly fashion jewelry. It's something that I find myself drawn to, and whenever I'm near it, I'm like a child in a candy store. I like to scope out unusual vintage pieces, but find myself drawn to almost any kind of necklace with statement pieces being my true love.

Vintage jewelry can tell so many stories. Recently, I had the pleasure of rounding up a number of vintage pieces that belonged to a really nice lady who wanted them off her hands (for a nice price, of course). The story behind how she got the pieces in her collection gave me a really touching picture (overview) of her life. 

Her story is here.

Well, just last weekend, my husband stumbled across a box of vintage jewelry pieces and brought them home to me. He knows nothing about jewelry, but it's always so cool to rummage through a box of new to me jewelry for sweet finds. 

I'm like going through that box like, "Mmmmm," rubbing my hands together. I rummaged through it and found a number of beautiful pieces. Here are a few.

I absolutely love the choker and the spiral. They're my favorites. The thing is that now I have so many pieces that I couldn't possibly wear them all, so I'm reducing my stash here where I'm selling a number of my pieces and I've added links above if you see something you like.

As I find new pieces, I'm selling all of the others, and they're going for a few dollars with little to no shipping fee. I'll be posting many of the pieces in our Instagram feed, so check them out (and shop the posts, if you like)!

Have an awesome weekend!

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