With the cold weather in full effect, I’ve been really feeling big, cozy sweaters. I’m one of those people who gets cold the instant I think about cold weather so wearing a nice, comfy sweater in the house is something that’s quite appealing to me this time of year.

I read an article about how there's a scientific link to productivity and comfort in the workplace. It mostly focused on the correlation between productivity and a comfortable work environment. However, in my case, since there's the small factor that I'm working from a pretty comfy place already (home for the most part, I extend the same principle when it comes to what I'm wearing to work. 

I tend to dress accordingly, comfortably, but also according to my mission for the day. And today's fakery mission is product planning and lunch!

Staying warm is key because I'm hardly productive when I'm cold.

Today, I decided to go with a cozy look, something that's going to keep me warm and toasty as I try to think spring for our upcoming line. You can't imagine how hard it is to think spring in freezing weather. Let's just say you have to use quite a bit of imagination.

(Very relaxed in the nerd room.) 😏😏

It's almost time for breakfast, so I'm off to get my last few sips of coffee before my tribe enters! Cheers!!

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