Creative people don’t really look at themselves as “creative” until some kind person comes along and says something like, 

“Wow! That’s so creative.” 

It’s not until then that a person begins to think about their own creativity. The reality is that if you can dream a dream, you’re already a creative person.

Sometimes finding our creativity means putting our ideas on paper, a lot like I talked about in my previous post when my daughter wanted to design her own birthday cake.

Creativity isn't something that only exists in a group of select people. Sometimes it's so simple that we just miss it.


Being creative can be as easy as tapping into something in our lives and turning that something into our own personal story that inspires someone. Take for example the story of Carol Burnett

Touching story, to say the least. She used her tumultuous life to make others laugh.

Then there’s the story of Gina and Pat Neely, former Food Network stars, a story that made me cheer inside. They tell their story of love and family through the food that they've created.

My favorite quote from reading about them has to be when Gina said, “People see the glory, but they don’t know the story,” in an interview with Forbes Magazine.

Basically, creativity tells a story in a way that captivates and motivates someone else. That story inspires others to find and tell their own story in their own unique way. 

Be honest. 

When you hear a story about how a three-year-old learned to play concerto piano by the age of six from watching his father teach his sister, doesn’t that inspire you? Mozart’s compelling story is still inspiring others centuries later!

We all have creative brain, and it's a fascinating thing. Your creative brain may just need a little tapping into.

Don't believe me?

The Source of Creativity” by NPR gives a sweet break down of what's seen in the brain when creativity is sparked vs. when it's lying dormant. Your creativity may be sparked from something completely different than the next person. It's amazing!

How will you tap into your creative side and tell your story?

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