Hi, all! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I had another super splurge day over the weekend, homemade pizza! This is something we used to do every Friday as a family, but we stopped doing it so often because splurge day needed to include more options.

The sauce was made from crushed tomatoes, oregano, pepper, onion and garlic, garlic, garlic (we love garlic here). The homemade dough was rolled out and the toppings added. 

Here’s one that was just pepperoni, right before it was placed in the oven.

There was also bacon and sausage. This one just came out of the oven. Imperfectly delicious!

Pizza dough can be tricky. We've tried a number of them and had less than stellar results, but our favorite one (the one we used for these pizzas) comes from The Joy Of Cooking. I actually went through the measures of getting permission to reprint the recipe for you, but the publisher thought it was worth $500 to reprint it here. (Not happening!) So, at any rate, I've included a link to the book (an investment that will set you back under $20 for a new copy and even less for an older or used copy).

I'll tell you that it is, by far, one of the best pizza crust recipes we've used. It always turns out with a great texture, even if we decide we don't want it extra crispy.

Do you splurge on weekends?

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