Coming up with new product ideas for candles can be really straightforward or the complete opposite. The fake food props...well they're never straightforward.

New ideas aren't just about coming up with new desserts to turn into something inedible. It's more about creating an experience for people. Sometimes I've heard people talk about how realistic our props look. Other times I've heard how it reminds them of something, maybe that their mom or grandmom used to make.

There's something special about when the product connects with a customer. Honestly, that's the part that's not so easy. In fact, sometimes I hit crazy road blocks as I'm thinking of what I want these items to convey and how they may connect.

When that happens, I know it’s time to take a break from the work of it all and take a trip down inspiration lane.

Recently, I was looking over my plans, and I was just completely stuck. I couldn't get one idea on my draft. Not even one! After the annoyance of it all, I decided to take a ride through the countryside of Smithsburg, Maryland to see what it had to offer.

My husband was literally driving down the road, so as I looked around, I tried to get good snaps of some of the green pastures. I was amazed that there was still some green this time of year, since we've already had a couple of light frosts. 

Look at the sky here. It's amazing! The greys and and blues were stunning as the sunset over the mountains just ahead. The colors, even during the winter season, were so beautiful.

More beautiful grey skies. I love this color! You can see more of the dead grass and shrubs here, but I tried to get more of the mountains ahead also. In the spring and summer, it's really beautiful. I imagined the newness of spring with the greenery all around. 

More mountains here. The trees on the mountain are bare, but again, I imagined them full. There's such a peacefulness about the country.

Taking myself down the roads of Smithsburg opened up my mind to beauty and peacefulness. The journey during the winter forced me to see beyond the dead, but pushed my imagination to see the spring already here. There was a sense of adrenaline that I felt as I pushed myself to see through the dead and look forward into the birth of the Spring months.

Sometimes it takes new scenery to give your imagination that extra push. Then it takes determination to see beyond what's right in front of you.

How will you use a new scenery to inspire your creative path?

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