When I'm looking for inspiration for new project ideas, I often take something vintage and expand on it. Over the weekend, I found myself immersed in vintage accessories that had their very own story to tell.

Here's the short story.

A woman marries a man and shares her life with him. He travels and always thinks of her when he's away. He misses her when he's gone, and each moment that he thinks of her, he thinks of something that she would love, buys it and brings it back to her.

They share many beautiful years together, including memories with their children. These most lovely memories are taken well into their old age. Many of these years, he travels while she takes care of their home, but he never fails to shower her with beautiful tokens to remind her of how he misses her whenever he's away.

The man falls ill and his wonderful wife stays by his side to care for him until his last days.

Once her husband is no longer there to share life with her, she decides that she can no longer bear to keep the home that holds so many memories of a life that seemed to pass by so quickly. With a heart filled with memories of her life with her husband and faint hope for what lies before her, the woman proceeds to sell her home and a museum of her belongings.

That story, while in my own words, is one that touched me so deeply that every piece in the woman's home became a part of the story. Each article that I picked up was like a piece of her life that inspired me.

As I touched pieces that belonged to her, it was almost as if I were touching a piece of her life. I wondered at what point she used the things. I wondered what unique story each could tell.

Then I wondered...

What story will I tell?

How can I take from this and make something from it?

A ton of ideas flowed through me, so I began to write and write until I came up with so many ideas to recreate her story in my own creation.

What story inspires you? How can you use that inspiration to create something new?

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