Happy Friday, everyone! The holidays brought lots of calories, so over the past few days, I’ve been watching what I eat, limiting myself to only one drink besides water per day (coffee people…coffee). 

Despite buckling down on my diet, one day out of the week, I’ve decided to allow myself to splurge a bit. If you never splurge just a little, life can become, stringent, monotonous and super boring (my opinion). I need my splurge day to help me to be more disciplined throughout the week.

Besides, food is like art. There's always something you can learn from it.

Today I’m sharing with you my weekly yum splurge. It’s my cobb salad from Unos.

This salad is the lunch version, but it was plenty for me.

What I liked:

BACON. I don’t indulge in bacon much, but when I do, I want to get my bacon on! Love that about cobb salads.

What I didn’t like:
Gigantic pieces of lettuce made it hard to enjoy the way I would have liked. I mean, there was a piece of lettuce CORE inside my salad. Not cool.

What I liked:
Just enough buttery avocado to taste throughout the salad without being too overwhelming. Yummy!

What I didn’t like:
No cheese. Isn’t it like a standard thing to have cheese in a cobb salad? Also, no mixed greens. Iceberg only (again, in huge chunks).

Conclusion: There's a reason we shouldn't use food to satisfy our emotions.This salad hurt my feelings. On a more serious note, overall I didn't feel like I had much of a splurge. I would rather have had a lighter greens mix, without all the trimmings, and saved my splurge for something like a hunk of lasagna. I think Rob Cobb would have been a little disappointed about this version of his salad, but then, it could have been that particular day at the particular Unos I visited, just to be fair.

A little more effort in putting this salad together could have gone a long way, but all isn't lost. My slice of homemade pie made the perfect pick me up for a salad gone downhill. 😏

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  1. I'm with you on the salad review. Mixed greens, feta, ham, bacon, avocado, egg, tomato, mozzerella, parmesan, black olives with bread sticks, now that's a yummy cobb salad to me.


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