It was this time last year that I got an order for the most "unique" of all the fake pies we've ever created. I can't forget when I got that order for 72 pies. I was thinking, "Yeah, right. Who really needs that many pies."

I thought it was a hoax.

Well, come to find out, that 72 pies was as real as the Broadway Performance, Waitress the Musical. If you haven't heard of it, Waitress the Musical is Sarah Bareilles' musical based on Adrienne Shelley's film. A film based around a superior pie maker (is that even a title) at Joe's Pie Diner looking for her big break.

What did that mean?

They needed a great number of pies for this diner, and I had to fill the request.

It was a huge and overwhelming thought and the largest pie order we've ever had. It wasn't just that it was pies. No, that would have been pretty straightforward (aside from the quantity, of course). These pies were going to be over the top, domed (so they could be seen from the stage), and crazy named. I'm talking names like:

Razzleberry Pie
Chocolate Oasis Pie
Blueberry Bacon Pie, and even Mermaid Marshmallow Pie!

With a two week deadline, we hammered in hours that went waaay above what we'd ever imagined. Here they are as they're counted for the stage.

Theater definitely requires a good amount of over dramatizing, so the pies were higher and more detailed so that the audience could see them well.

Here they are on stage.

You can see them in the pie portal that spun around slowly on each side of the stage.

Seventy two pies became more than 125 pies and pie slices created for both the live performances and the Tony Awards performance. Each pie was made from a picture or verbal description.

Such a joy to have our work displayed in a Tony nominated musical. It's one of the best moments of 2016 for our business.

See the musical live or catch the Tony award performance here.

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