The holidays came and left so quickly. After all of the hustle and bustle, I find myself missing the business and the time with family. Yet, one of the things I love most about starting a new year is that it's a time when after Christmas sales allow me to add a few new things to my wardrobe. 

Dressing in something I love, even when I’m working from home, is a lot of fun for me. My creative juices flow so much better when I’m dressed like I’m ready to work, and after Christmas sales are the perfect time to grab things I need and love without a hefty price tag.

I've included a collage of a typical at home outfit for me. I actually own each of these pieces, and I've added the links below if you want to catch the sales on any of them.

I, honestly, have a thing for monochrome, particularly black, but the red sweater (now 60% off ), adds just the right pop of color when I want to give my monochrome outfit a lift.

A black tee is a basic essential for my closet because it's so versatile. A good quality one will last quite some time with proper care, but I also found one here that's a bit less and had over 4 stars in its review.

The cheetah slippers are real, guys! I'd usually have worn a pair of leopard heels or booties, if I were hitting the street, but how cool is it to have the style of these slippers and the element of comfort in the house? These comfy Isotoner slippers are now $12 (50% off), and the comfy skinny jeans are

When I feel good, it helps me to get through my day so much better. Trust me. I've tried the slouchy, barely out of bed approach, and it's soo much better to dress like I'm going to fulfill my important purpose. Dress nicely and you're bound to feel a lot better too!

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