With Valentine's Day being less than a week away, it's not too late to get some V day decor going. So if you've been busy or maybe forgotten, there are still some things you can do to spruce up your space for the big day of love.

Just for the record, the only Valentine's Day decorating I've done this year is adding my heart shaped wreath to my door. So, I was really digging to find really cute ideas that I could get done quickly. I mean who wants to put loads of time into something that's being taken down in a week?

This first one was made from a few wine bottles spray painted with glossy red. The lettering on the front could easily be written first with a sharpie and then painted with acrylic glass paint (so that it won't peel off). While I'm not sure about where the hearts are from, the red and white berry stems.

Here's a craft that's basic but the dimension gives it an extra element of cute. Simply place them on the wall and voila! You can find instructions for this tutorial here.

When I saw these, I thought they were so cool. Such an easy and practical decorative idea. Old books, modge podge, and adhesive coverings create really interesting table decor. Instructions are here.

Simple and elegant. This is a beautiful and easy way to add some Valentine's Day love to your table. This one's as easy as a dollar store visit, guys!

A cute V day family room is as simple as a few DIY stenciled throw pillows on your sofa. The tutorial provides a stencil download and instructions to make your own pillows if you'd like to try your hand at it. My take? Head to your local WalMart or Target and grab a few to stencil.

Layering heart shaped paper doilies can add such a pretty touch to a table, and it doesn't have to be your dining room. Place them on a table in the foyer or on a coffee table to liven them up as well. BTW (if you didn't know already), I just saw some of these a few days ago at Dollar Tree!

Still have that Christmas tree hanging around? Put it to use! This tree, by The Seasonal Home is screaming Happy Valentine's Day. I think it's quite charming, and a truly easy way to get the most out of that Christmas tree. Too bad I just threw my white tree in the dumpster, I guess.

That's seven easy ways you can add some cute touches to your home this Valentine's Day at the last minute. Which were your favorites?

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